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This course will make you fit for leadership!

Table of Content

Management versus Leadership

This course is designed to start with some basic principles and definitions. Already in the first lesson, you will learn the differences between management and leadership and what makes a great leader and what not. Leading people is so much more than managing tasks, a team, or a department!

Your Vision Creates Success

“Your Vision Creates Success” is one of this course’s essential and fundamental lessons. You will learn why a leader needs to have a vision and why a vision is a key to future success. I will teach you how to design and develop your visionwhat methods to use, and how to ensure and align your vision with your organization or company’s vision. An important topic in this lesson is how to market and share your vision with shareholders, peers, and your organization. I share with you a vision I created with the help of over 2500 people globally, a big success and major transformation story. 

Goals Empower and Thrive Your Organization

Goals will empower and thrive your organization, they will support you and your team to achieve your vision. Leaders who set s.m.a.r.t. goals are more respected and valued than leaders without a goal-setting practice. You will learn some best practices for defining and setting goals. We will look at what different goals are possible, from smart goals to objective key results OKRs and what goals will create for you and your employees from a leadership point of view!

Feedback Is Your Leadership Weapon

Feedback gives you a direction like a compass and can correct the direction like a steering wheel. You know where your organization is from a capability point of view and a passion and performance. This helps you to take actions to steer the direction and either brake or accelerate as needed in your race to success. It is crucial to learn how to request and give feedback as this is a kind of art to do it respectable; otherwise, the effect is invaluable.

Fun Fuels Performance

People who love their work environment contribute 3-5 times more and overachieve goals than employees who hate their jobs and are already switched off. Let’s be clear: Your job as a leader is to transform everybody into a top contributor, which is possible in most cases. Yes, there are cases where it is impossible, or people don’t want to contribute, and in these cases, you have to act fast! I will talk a bit about how you remove a bad apple. You will find a lot more information in the advanced leadership course “Champions League Leadership” where I teach you how to build an outperforming team of top overachievers, which sorts bad apples as part of the high-performance culture.

Creating a team of top contributors sounds more complicated than it is, as everybody is intrinsically motivated and wants to be recognized, rewarded, and successful. We all want to win – nobody wants to lose!

It is as easy as that!

Let me paint a picture that helps you understand why “Fun Fuels Performance.” Intrinsic motivation is the fuel! You, as a leader, have lighter and more experienced leaders, “Fit 4 Leadership,” who know when and how to ignite and control the flames without burning the place or people out. But no worries, I will teach you how to ignite your lighter and create a fun and top-performance workplace where everybody wants to be part!

Build Your Personal Brand

How well do your peers, direct reports, employees, or executive management team know you? Do you know what they think about you? Do you know what you want them to think of you? Great that we have a starting point to design your “Personal Brand Profile” We will start this lesson by analyzing some examples of brands and personal brands. After that, we will dive into an exercise session to design your Personal Brand Profile. Don’t you know what this means? No problem, as you certainly have a lot of content we need already available, ready to use. Why do I believe this? Because nobody knows you better than you?
You learn how to design and create your “Personal Brand Profile” based on a template I created with predefined sections and a Q&A process that will guide you step by step to design your “Personal Brand Profile.” I promise after this lesson. You will be ready to brand a new you in a professional business environment!

Invest In Your Network!

Do you know that your career is dependent on people around you as they have decision power over potential and performance? Most companies have HR processes that are defined to review people related to potential and performance. As a leader, you must understand how these processes work, especially if you are new to a company. In addition to HR processes, nearly every company has a company culture and a value system. You need to use this significant resource to your advantage and to improve your personal network. Next, I will teach you how to create your “Career Network Map”, which you can use to design and develop your network. A Career Network Map is an essential tool that helps you continuously improve your network. After that lesson, you have a personal visual “Career Network Map” and a detailed “Network Development Plan,” including some best practices examples you can use to execute both plans step by step.

Need For Urgency

In the lesson “Need for urgency,” you learn that creating urgency in the right moment can be very powerful and push individuals and teams to achieve outstanding results. But, wait, you cannot continuously use urgency as you will lose trust, and people will burn out. How and when to use the need for urgency is something I will teach in the “Need for Urgency” lesson. See you there.

Leading By Example

 “Leading by Example” is a lesson to reflect on why you as a leader should respect your own and your company values. People look up to leaders and what they do not want to see is that their boss is acting differently than he talks. Leaders who lead by example are more powerful and strengthen their leadership position. So you need to be aware that leading by example is very important, and I will share some lessons learned in this lesson.

Coaching Is Not Therapy

Congratulations, you made it to the last lesson, this means a lot, and with everything you learned, you will be fit for leadership when you practice it. Let me end this course with some vital information about coaching. Many people are unaware that Coaching is not Therapy – it is your personal development based on experience and a career plan. I helped more than 120 people and counting to climb the ladder of an executive career. Some of these skills are built into online courses, but every situation is unique, and there are particular areas to work on, so join me in this lesson where I share insides about coaching and why most successful leaders have coaches or mentors. 



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