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More than 25 Years of Executive Leadership Experience.

But what makes me proud is that I helped more than 100 people to achieve a major career step into senior and executive management. Most of them are global leaders and I am connected with them via LinkedIn icon Linkedin, some are good friends for life!

Yes, your qualification and skills are important; these are your tickets to enter the race. Winning a race is a different story as we both know it is not always the best qualified or skilled person who gets promoted. But what is needed to win a career race?

For the last decade, my main focus as a global CIO was to develop top talents into top leaders and empower them to do the same – a recipe to develop highly successful organizations and high-performance businesses.

All my career experience and everything I learned to coach and develop hundreds of top leaders are now available in coaching sessions or selective online courses – for a price that is unseen in the coaching business.

I recommend investing in yourself, committing time and energy, and learning what matters in a career race. It sounds easy – let’s be honest, it is a lot of work, but it is not complicated if you know what matters! It is your call, but it is very important for your future.

Take action before the race is over. 

Amazing Expertise
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Education is your ticket to start your career. If you believe it will drive your career - I have to tell you that you are wrong!

There are other things which are important - Let's talk!


Why Online Learning May Be Right For You?

In recent years, online learning has become increasingly popular. There are many advantages to taking classes online, such as the ability to learn at your own pace and the flexibility to take classes from anywhere in the world. With so many different courses available online, there is something for everyone. Whether you’re looking to improve your job skills or simply learn something new, online learning is a great option.

Quality in online courses matters, as well as how the courses are designed. There is a difference between pure content in a course, similar to a book or a course that teaches you to step by step and finally gives you the option to test what you learned. Our courses are designed with the mindset to help you in your development

Our learning videos is similar to coaching. Which means you will be challenged and the same time, guided to a learning result. We do not throw tons of information at you. Instead, we structure content into lessons and topics and quizzes and finally give you the option to test your learning and reward yourself with a certificate. You are welcome to repeat as often as you want, as repetition is a great way of learning. Try it yourself.


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I put a lot of effort and ❤️ in our courses, with one goal in mind. Helping you to accelerate your professional development as a leader.

I want you to be successful! - that is my motivation. If you feel that your investment is not worth the value I provide, please let me know, and I will refund you 100%.
INVEST in yourself and your future! The RETURNS will be very Rewarding!
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What matters

TO ME...

Great that you are here. Let me introduce myself. My name is Udo Neumann.
For the last 25 years, I have worked as a Global Executive in Automotive, Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance. Helping people in their development while transforming global organizations. I coached and developed over 100 leaders, from those starting their careers up to regional and global CIOs. The best of all is that I made a lot of friends, some for life.

My career resulted from a passion for people and continuously planning the next steps while building a network of supportive people around me. The most important ones are my beautiful wife, the best coach on this planet, and my two grown-up kids. I am mega proud of their personalities and how both found their places in a fast-paced, changing world as global citizens and future leaders.

I am a servant leader, and in the next step of my career, I am focused on helping others in their development – it is my way of giving something back. I love to help you on your career journey, that is why I think is less about me and more ABOUT YOU!

Looking forward for a introduction during a coaching session or seeing you inside; you will find me with the handle @un1010 or my nickname Udo


LEt's Talk FACTS!

Let's get the first roadblock out of the way!
Yes, it is YOU!
Being accountable means owning AND TAKING actions

You are in charge of your next step – not your boss, not top management, or anybody else! Open your eyes and accept the facts – it is your first action to change the status quo. Here comes the good thing: if you are accountable, you can take control or learn how to do so!

The truth is a career is so much more than being qualified, skilled, and waiting for a promotion. It is a major program that needs a lot of preparation, planning, and execution in many areas. The good thing is you are not alone, and it is no longer a secret how career development works. Different solutions can help you on your career path as they guide you and show you steps to develop yourself. Don’t get me wrong, it is an investment of money, time, and effort, and it will not happen in a week or two.
As a THANK YOU for taking the first step.
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