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What is Leadership and what not?

What is leadership?

If you google leadership, you will find an unlimited amount of definitions and answers, difficult to find the right information.


The number of pages Google indexed tells us that a lot of information is available but…


I don’t want to jump into the topic without at least having a quick view of the definition of leadership. Leadership is much more than a job title. Leadership is a passion for people and performance. Leaders help others to develop and to achieve the highest possible results. During this course, you have to define what leadership means to you and what you as a leader want to achieve. As leaders, we have to understand the details and principles of leadership, but that is not enough – great leaders practice them and become better and better.

The word leadership contains leader/lead as the first part of the word and describes a process where somebody is trying to achieve a defined goal (the leader) and others are following and supporting (followers). Most of the time, people follow great leaders and are willing to contribute and add value without being forced or sometimes even asked.

There are different reasons: First, we are intrinsically motivated and do activities for their inherent satisfaction rather than for some separable consequences. The highest satisfaction we all are addicted to is success – nobody wants to lose. We all want to win. These are the main reasons people follow leaders and why leaders need to be Fit for Leadership!



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