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How this course is organized.

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This course is organized into lessons, topics, and quizzes.


A lesson categorizes different leadership principles together and explains these in an easy-to-understand way, often with real-life examples and stories. The length of the lessons is different and based on the content and complexity. Some lessons teach more content than others. My goal in the course design was to keep the lessons in a size that you can finish a complete lesson in one learning session of 1-2 hours. But this does not mean that you are forced to finish a lesson. You are fully flexible and supported by our learning management system as it remembers for you where you stopped your learning session. When you come back, our system will guide you to the point of your last exit, and you can easily continue or refresh the last topic as you like.


For example, “Course Overview.” is a lesson that contains three topics: “How is this course structured and organized.”, “What you will learn during this course.” and “Certificates and learning materials.” are all topics. Each topic addresses and teaches specific content. When you finish a topic, you can mark it completed, enabling you to move on to the next topic in the lesson. When you finish all topics, the lesson will be marked completed, and your course progress will be adjusted and visible in a progress bar and % under the course headline.


Quizzes are a special kind of learning content, as quizzes will help measure your learning progress. A quiz starts after you finish a topic and summarize the main learning fields of the topic in questions. A quiz is timed. Most quizzes will run 5 minutes and ask you 5-10 questions related to the last topic you learned. You need to answer 80% of the question correctly to score the quiz. No worries, you can do any quiz as often as you like. Every repetition is an extra learning step and will help memorize the topic content, which is the goal of a quiz.

Learning while watching videos!

We all are used more and more to learning while watching videos, and it is a very effective form of learning. This is why you find many videos, and some are smaller videos explaining a topic, while others are longer, including some real-life examples. In the lesson and topic text version, you will find the video transcript, which helps everybody who wants to read the content instead of watching a video. This is also helpful if you read a video transcript to recollect what you learned during the video. To keep these courses constantly updated, you will find content added after the last recording as a text version.

After you finish a lesson, a quiz will be available to help you to test your learning progress. The quizzes always focus on the main learning areas and help you memorize the learning content by repeating. In addition to the videos, you have extra course material that you can download and use.



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