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This course comes with some Extras!

Certificate Of Completion

After you finish, you will get a certificate of completion which states that you successfully completed “Fit 4 Leadership”. Add this certificate to your resume, which creates a lot of value and shows that you are going the extra mile for a leadership position.

Course EBook

The course ebook holds additional information. You find course templates in the course ebook, which will be used in the lessons and topics and saves you time. A journal is included to use the course ebook as your learning journal.

Template Download

All templates used in the online course are available to download. This will save a lot of time during the course and enable you to practice without spending a lot of time creating templates. These templates can also be used after the course to bring the learning results into a business environment.

Access Career Planning Portal

With this course, you will access the career planning portal, where you find planning templates that help you create your career plan!



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