Education does not make a Career!

We all know that education and the skill we learn are essential.

But do you know that an expensive education does not guarantee a career?
Don’t get me wrong a good education is important, because you learn something you can use later to create value, in form of getting a job.
This means an education is important step to get the qualification needed to get a job, some jobs are not possible without a proper education and skills needed.


To prove my statement, let me explain my point of view, which is based on a global career up to C-level in a big corporation and more than 25 years in developing and coaching people.

If education guarantees a career, everybody would have one as the only thing you need to do to pick a good college and be done! We all know this is not the case. At the same time, you find people with enormous success in developing themselves up to board levels without top-notch education, some without a college degree.

But is there anything that guarantees me a career?

I think so, and my opinion is based on over 25 years of  experience in different leadership and management roles around the world. 

The secret to make a career It is a combination of different things, and when you use these well, you will develop yourself and climb the career ladder – I am 100% convinced.

Are you able to climb to the top – maybe!  You will find that out when you start to do these three things.

1. Plan your career

Let me share a story from the early days of my career. When I was in charge of a vast project, I hired many people, and to make sure they fit into the team, I took the time to interview all of them myself.
I interviewed a college grad for a software developer role, and his skill set was not top-notch, but he impressed me when I asked him what he wanted to be in the future,
Without thinking, he answered me: “I will be a CIO, and I want to lead people to their future success, and I am willing to contribute whatever is needed.”
I was surprised about his plan and willingness and determination to execute it. He did not say he wanted to be – he said he would be a CIO.

We talked more about his plans, and finally, I hired him because I was blown away by his dedication. He developed himself into a good developer, built himself a brand and a great network, and never left his goal out of focus. He developed into a manager than a senior manager and a director and was in less than ten years a CIO of one of my smaller countries – learning again to become a bigger CIO in the next step, and he did. Today he is a Regional CIO on the way to global.

I want to share with you in this story that you need a career plan. You need to plan your career, the next steps, and how you want to achieve it. Planning a career is key to success and career development.
That is why I developed a career planning portal where you can plan your career using a lot of information, templates, and years of experience available for you.

Read more and join our Planning Portal here.

2. Build your brand

3 build your professional network.

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