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Die Wahrheit – was eine Karriere ausmacht

You are responsible for your career, so stop looking back and start changing your future – time flies!

Udo Neumann

We all hear that education and skills are very important, and don’t get me wrong, they are crucial! For many young adults and their parents, a college degree is the most important achievement, so crucial that we take loans or credits and payback for years. But why is this so important? Is it the skill we learn, the title we achieve, or the experience we make? Maybe a little bit of all, but one thing stands above all others. Everybody wants a secure and well-paid job, in the best case, able to make enough money for a high quality of life.

Career Development is an area with too many stories and too many lies.

The truth is that education is essential but not a guarantee for a career. Whoever tells you that you need a college or a master’s to make a career is not telling the truth because, in most cases, people don’t know there is a big difference between getting a job and developing and making a career. Whatever education you achieve or skills you learn, they help you do your job better or to start a better-paid job. Education and skills are valuable and a door opener to a potential career, but they do not guarantee a career. You will learn in the following lessons that many variables and input factors influence a career. This will enable you to focus your energy on the most valuable topics for your career.

Did you ever hear from your boss or superior that you are not ready for the next level? When you ask the detailed question, what is missing or what you need to do, the answers are often unclear and more a bla bla which does not help you. This course answers some questions about what is needed to make a career. My top 10 secrets give you insides into these topics. If you want to plan your career and prepare for these additional topics, please check out our course: “How to plan your Career.” This is the course of implementing everything to develop your career plan, including execution in the months and years to come.

Demand, Passion and Dedication is one secret of every career. Not education. Not skills and Not luck.” 

Udo Neumann

Die Wahrheit über eine Karriere ist …

A career is much more than education and waiting for the next promotion and has nothing to do with magic, and luck is only, in minor cases, an enabler. A career is a result of doing a lot of things the right way, better than others. I share in this course my TOP 10 activities you need to master for your career. Planning and executing these activities gives you some benefits compared to others competing for the same promotion. Knowing what matters will increase your probability of success, resulting in a promotion or a new job offer. 

Most people don’t know what matters and where they should focus most. That motivated me to bring transparency into a complex process of career development. I share my Top 10 secrets in this course to help you develop your career. These are the most critical areas your need to focus on and invest your energy, time, and money – I call it Invest in Yourself. This course gives you an inside of the most essential activities for your career development, but this is more than my opinion. It is backed by 25+ years of experience developing and promoting people worldwide. This is not a complete list of activities, and there are more valuable things to do. This is my top 10 list, and it worked for me and others I coached and developed.