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    10 Secrets for your Career

    Suppose you believe your career will result from working harder and waiting for your chance. I must tell you - YOU ARE WRONG, AND TIME PLAYS AGAINST YOU! You will find out why this statement is a fact in the following lessons, but more importantly, you will learn what is needed to make a Career! I was asked a thousand times: What do I need to do to improve my career? In my coaching preparation meetings, the most asked questions boiled down to:  Can you please help me in my career development? Most of us are driven to make a career or develop in our profession, which is excellent. The shocking reality is that only a few people understand what is vital and what to do to be successful. This motivated me to share my knowledge in career development with you. My 10 most important secrets for your career is a collection of the 10 most essential career activities helping you develop your career. This introduction course is not a guarantee for promotion. It will help you to understand what is needed to get ready and to develop yourself with the goal become a much stronger candidate, increasing your probability of success for a promotion or next-level job. Let's put some brain power into it and get started.
  • 11 Lessons

    Fit for Leadership

    A course for everybody who wants to excel in leadership. We all know that leading people and delivering value to a company's bottom line are rewarded and better-paid jobs. Managing and leading people are different. Leadership starts with passion and interest in helping people grow and develop to achieve maximum performance. 

    Are you ready for your leadership journey?

    You will learn the most important leadership principles to be ready to kickstart your career.

    That's a promise.

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    Fit for Management

    A management position is an important career goal and often comes with a salary increase and better benefits, but companies are looking for candidates who are ready to start and manage teams or departments. To be fit for management is often expected.  Management means to conduct or supervise something or somebody. In this course, we will teach you the most important management activities and capabilities.

    We will make you fit for a management position.

    That's a promise.

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    How To Create A Career Plan.

    This online course will teach you to step by step how you create your personal career plan. But we do not stop delivering the learning content. Career development needs much more than a course. What you need is a coach helping you in every step! That is why I pushed our limits and developed a career planning method and a process you will learn during the course. But we did not stop there; together, we will use our Career Planning Portal (lifetime access with this course) and create your personal career plan following a course template. When you finish the course, you can be proud you have created your career plan. You learned how to add new phases and milestones or update tasks based on your achievements. The visual presentation shows you all areas of your career plan and what is due as the next activity. But there is more. You will get a Certification of Achievement to create your personal career plan, and you will start to invest in yourself– which I love most!

    That's a promise.

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    Leadership in a Crisis

    We all remember situations running out of control. As leaders, we must regain control and help others in that crisis. So don't rush; get facts together, and when you have them decide and make the best out of a crisis. There are a lot of things leaders need to understand. This course is a collection of best practices in a structured way. Enjoy, and hope you never need them!
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    Mastering Emotional Leadership

    Emotional intelligence (EI) plays a crucial role in leadership, as it involves the ability to understand and manage one's own emotions, as well as the emotions of others. This course will teach you the key aspects of emotional intelligence in leadership: By understanding and managing emotions, leaders can create a better work environment, foster better relationships between team members, and make better decisions. The course will help you gain the skills to recognize and understand emotions in yourself and in others, as well as learn techniques to manage them effectively and constructively.