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I am proud to help CIOs in their challenges, as I was there and seen them all over the 25+ years of my career. I was a CIO in all regions of the world and grew from a local role into a global one over time. In my last job as a global CIO for Mercedes Mobility, Financial Service, and Insurance, I had over 2500 people globally. I saw most of the challenges an IT organization could have. Let's talk and see if you need an unbiased second option and if I can help you with your challenges.


I coach a limited and selected number of CIOs and CTOs to help them see things differently and progress in their jobs and careers.

I invite you to pick one of my open seats.

Please don't compare this to your Gartner, Forrester, or any other consulting services, as my service is 100% dedicated service to you and your challenges as a CIO, and believe me, I had them in my past as well.

I will take your challenges. With my experience, I offer you honest advice and will work for you on a solution in a 1:1 setup or with your leadership team, just as I would be in your shoes.

With my coaching, you have an experienced CIO who backs you. Check out some coaching examples and testimonials, as what others say about my services matters.

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The most crucial part for a CIO is the focus on the C. Often, CIOs feel more comfortable on the IO part as they know that for years of experience. 

But wait, you are CIO because of the C- value. The leadership of your company expected rightfully from you to create value for your company.

If a CIO only focuses on his technology skill, the title CIO will transform very fast into Carer Is Over and I saw to many of them because of wrong focus and capability gaps.

Let me help you fill your space at the table with confidence and business value, not only with IT know-how.

My role as a coach is NOT to tell you what to do. I am her for you to help with your challenges, problems, and open questions. A trustful opinion from somebody who knows exactly what you are talking about.

I failed in my career in many things, which often hurt me, but it helped to learn and improve. This experience is available to you and in my role I advice you with experience and decision I took and results these experiences created. You decide how to use it for your  advantage.

I am happy to prove to you what I mean by these  statements. Reach out via email of book a free consultation.

As a CIO, you enable business processes and support operations with stable and reliable IT solutions. We both know this alone is a hell of a job, but by far not engough!
You need create business value, and create or support new business opportunities or new innovative business models. Reduce costs in operational areas. Let’s look together in some low hanging fruits like call center optimizations with RPA and AI Tech or Sale support with API connected sales solutions.

Information Technology is too often seen as an order taker, a needed investment, or a controlling cost factor. The yearly budget drills are a classic example of that.

As a CIO, you need to [prove that IT is not an order taker but a value creation to everybody in your company. To become a business partner, you need to strongly support customer satisfaction and enable doing business as efficiently as possible. Be a loved and valued partner for the employees while supporting processes in a modern and reliable way. For business peers, create process efficiency and improve new innovative business models.

I understand that it may seem difficult to achieve, but I have experience in investing in numerous startups and developing new business models as a global CIO. These efforts have resulted in generating hundreds of millions in revenue and shifting organizations from being perceived as mere order takers to becoming valued contributors at the center of business operations. One of my most notable accomplishments was transforming a global organization from a state of low employee satisfaction both internally and externally to becoming the second highest-scoring organization, with employees from other departments expressing a desire to join.

I did it both, and I learned a lot.
Digital transformation has to be a chapter in every CIO strategy, the same as Organizational transformation.
Both are very interlinked as you can only transform your organization into a more digital solution-focused future with the skills and the capability that influence your organizational transformation. Refrain from falling into the trap of believing your service partner and outsourcing all this, as you should not outsource the most valuable areas where your organization creates the highest value. Proper sourcing is another important part of every CIO strategy. You need trustful service partners able to deliver stable and high-quality services, but to know how good they are, you need to be able to measure and benchmark them regularly.

The most impressive transformation in my career was to transform a global organization from a low employee satisfaction internally and outside the IT into the second highest-scored organization where people from other departments wanted to join IT


My coaching style is demanding, as my motivation is to achieve the best for you, and I want to be satisfied with what I contribute – that matters to me.

As a CIO, I hated when external consultants charged high daily rates, and my team needed to qualify them to create value. On the other side, I was willing to pay excellent rates and bonuses for delivering high-quality or extraordinary work as this counts in the end – you need to get the most out of available resources, and money is one of them.

This perspective remained the same after I offered my skills and services as a consultant and coach. I am motivated to help you with your challenges.

I am not cheap, and quality costs money, but I am fair; if my service is not creating the expected value, it is on me, not you.

An often-asked question: I used a coach who helped me during my career, guiding me in the right direction. I owe him a lot, and we are still friends. I use his advice occasionally when his busy retirement life enables me to reach him.

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