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Hi there, Udo here – Founder and Chief Experience Officer @UN1010.
Before I show you your results and recommendation, I want to thank you for taking the first step with our Course Finder. This shows me that you are willing to invest in yourself and take your career development into your own hands. Sure, help is always good, but yes, it's YOU who is in charge, and it's YOU who can make a difference!

Career Development is a complex game with many rules. You need to know to succeed. Most people don't know how to play and the ones knowing are often unwilling to share because of fear of competition.

That was the reason I created "How to make a Career" my TOP 10 List of Career Secrets and "How to create a Career Plan" A step by step career development course including lifetime access to our career planning portal.

Great that you are here and invest in yourself. See you inside.

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Based on your answers, in our Course Finder we recommend that you focusing on creating your career plan. This is the basis for all further steps in your career and you learn all steps to do so in

This online course will teach you to step by step how you create your personal career plan. But we do not stop delivering the learning content. Career development needs much more than a course. What you need is a coach helping you in every step! That is why I pushed our limits and developed a career planning method and a process you will learn during the course. But we did not stop there; together, we will use our Career Planning Portal (lifetime access with this course) and create your personal career plan following a course template. When you finish the course, you can be proud you have created your career plan. You learned how to add new phases and milestones or update tasks based on your achievements. The visual presentation shows you all areas of your career plan and what is due as the next activity. But there is more. You will get a Certification of Achievement to create your personal career plan, and you will start to invest in yourself– which I love most!


We sent you an email with the course information for your reference.  Click on the course, checkout, sign up and enroll. A $40 welcome discount will be applied to he course.

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