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A career is so much more than a chosen profession and doing a good job every day.

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Founder & Chief Experience Officer

Udo Neumann

I know what are the secrets for a successful career. My top secret for career development is career planning and execution. A process of making decisions about your educational and professional goals and the steps you need to take to achieve them, but there are more much more.

Some words from our Founder


Career coaching is not therapy! It is your personal development based on experience, passion and a Career.


In our Course catalog you find leadership, management and career development courses.

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A career is an individual's journey through learning, work and you need to plan yours.


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The Beginning

UN1010 founded

UN101o was Founded in 2022 by Udo Neumann after he ended his executive career and dedicated time to helping others in their careers.

10. October 2021

UN1010 founded

Business Model

Design Thinking
Business Model Creation

Over the next weeks the business model was created.
Coaching, Courses, Career and Community Services

March 2022

Business Model Created

Online Courses

How to make a Career
Fit for Leadership
How to plan your career

The First Leadership Course desgined and tested.

July 2022

Learning Management Implemented